Mayor Isko Moreno talks to vendors of Divisoria: “Huwag kayong matakot, may kakampi na kayong Mayor”

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno spent the first week of his leadership in Manila to clean up the streets from illegal vendors including in Divisoria.

In a video posted below, it showed Moreno talking to the illegal vendors during a clearing operation, urging them not to oppose his orders and trying to convince them that it’s better to operate a business without giving inconvenience to other people.

Some vendors told Moreno that they’re giving 20-50 pesos to some “officials” to allow them to operate their businesses illegally along the streets of Divisoria.

As a response, the Mayor urged them not to give money to the officials

“Dito sa lugar na ito, bawal mag hari-harian ang mga Barangay officials, pwede silang makisapi, pwede silang makipag-cooperate, pwede silang mag colaborate at obligasyon nila na ito ay maisaayos sa tulong ng siyudad ng Maynila,” he said.

He told the people that they already caught some “collectors” along Blumentritt, asking money to the vendors daily so they could operate their businesses even in illegal places.

Moreno said that he would do the same to the Barangay officials who are handling Divisoria if they’re still going to continue collecting money from the vendors.

Instead of paying from illegal collectors, he said that they should pay 20 pesos two times a day directly to the government of Manila City.

He also vowed that he would not allow any Barangay officials in Divisoria to force the vendors again to collect fees.

“Hindi ako pwedeng tolonggesin sa lugar ninyo na may mang aapi na ibang tao sa lugar ninyo, mayroon na kayong kakamping Mayor,” he said after narrating how he grew up in Manila and work as a garbage collector.

“Pero magtatagumpay yung sinasabi ko kung makikiisa kayo,” he added.

The clearing operation became successful and some netizens are happy to see Divisoria being street vendor-free.


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