WATCH: Girl who kissed by Duterte defends the President from criticisms: “Wala pong malisya yun

The girl who received a kiss from President Rodrigo Duterte stood up to defend the former Mayor of Davao City against the criticisms that he received from different pro-women groups.

During the gathering of the Filipino community in South Korea, President Rodrigo Duterte invited two ladies at the stage.
But the audience didn’t expect that the President would offer his lips to one of the ladies whom he invited.
The kiss between President Duterte and the lady received a nationwide coverage and got mixed reactions from the netizens.
Today, Philippine News Agency released a video which features Mrs. Bea Kim, the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who received a smack from Duterte.
Mrs. Kim who’s already living in Seoul for seven years together with her Korean husband and two daughters said she was so happy for what happened during that night.
Yung kiss, walang ibang sabihin. Pampakilig lang sa audience. Promise, para sa akin at sa kanya (President Duterte), walang ibig sabihin (The kiss doesn’t mean anything except to entertain and make other Filipinos in the gathering happy. I assure you, for me and even the President, there was no malice in the kiss),” Kim told Radio Television Malacanang after the event at the Grand Hilton Hotel, here.

Kim also said that she’s with her husband to see the President personally.
Nasa may unahan siya (my husband) at nandito ako sa gitna. Pumunta lang ako doon (stage) nung nagsabi ang President na ‘yung nakawhite’. Tapos lumingon muna ako sa mga katabi ko at wala naming ibang naka white (My husband was seated in front while I was in the middle part of the audience. I just went up the stage when the president picked someone in white to come up the stage. I looked around, there was no other in white except me),” Kim recalled.
She also described the incident as “once in a lifetime experience,” because not everybody can easily see the President personally even in the Philippines.
Kahit nasa Pinas (Philippines) kaparang suntok sa buwan na makita mo nang malapitan ang PresidenteTotoo yun. Twist lang yunwalang malisya. Si President nagtanong kung single ako, sabi ko married ako sa Koreano (It’s rare to have the chance to meet the President up close. It’s true, it was just a twist and there is no malice. The President even asked me if I was single. I told him I am married to a Korean),” Kim added.

The President’s kiss to Mrs. Kim has been criticized by several groups saying that Duterte showed his “sense of entitlement towards women.”

“The Philippine President was kissing a Filipina on the lips in South Korea made my stomach turn. Duterte continuously abuses his power over women, the poor, and others whom he thinks he can exercise power over,” Jean Enriquez, executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women — Asia Pacific tweeted
Enriquez also urged the men to criticize the President’s recent actions.
“Kaya nanawagan kami sa mga lalaki na i-criticize din yung ganitong mga nangyayari dahil hindi naman ito representative ng mga kalalakihan,” Enriquez said.
The President has been previously criticized by the supporters of other candidates during the campaign period for kissing several women.
However, he explained that he’s only doing it to “make the people happy.”

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