National Geographic Named Abandoned Hospital in Clark, Pampanga As One of The Creepiest Place In The World

The five-floor USAF Hospital Clark was constructed in the 60’s for $5 million. In its era, it was often tagged as the “Medical Center of Southeast Asia” because of its modern facilities and exceptional medical services.

The Clark Hospital is now an abandoned hospital, but it looks alive and well, without walls and interiors, the hospital was used during the world war 2 and most of the patients here are soldiers who are casualties of war, and not only from the world war but also during the year of Vietnam War. Haunted hospitals are the most scariest place ever, because it’s a tug of war place for life and death. 

In 1991, CLARK AIR BASE HOSPITAL: “Medical Center of Southeast Asia” has been badly affected by the explosion of Mount Pinatubo.

The place allegedly experienced major bombing from the Japanese and air raid while people were celebrating Christmas.

The Screams and voices were often heard inside of the abandoned hospital although it was empty. Objects from nowhere have been often thrown at the visitors.


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"Alam moba? Ang Abandonadong Ospital sa Clark Pampanga: ay isa sa Pinaka nakakatakot na Lugar sa Buong Mundo!! Ayon sa National Geographic!

Tinayo Taon 1960's sa halagang $5 million.
sa loob ng Ospital makikita ang pinaka maka bagong teknolohiya mula sa medisina. ang tinatangap nila pasyente ay mahigit 17,000 ka tao kada buwan! subalit taon 1991 ng sumabog ang bulkan pinatubo at nadamay ang pinaka sikat at maka bagong Ospital ang CLARK AIR BASE HOSPITAL: "Medical Center of Southeast Asia" ngaun ang ospital ay binababoy nalang ng mga bumibisita at pinipintahan ang mga Pader at ninanakaw ang mga lumang kagamitan.

Ang karanasan ng mga Tao nanirahan sa 
Clark Air Base, and Clark Hospital,


Home Plate canteen, Clark Museum Clark Air Base, being an American settlement, experienced some major bombing from the Japanese during the War. One of these reportedly happened during Christmas of 1941 -- an air raid that was the death of merrymakers inside the Home Plate canteen, who were then celebrating Christmas. The souls apparently have not lost their party spirit, as early morning joggers have reported hearing party music and excited talk coming from inside, even when the building is obviously empty. Other paranormal activities are reported in the abandoned Clark Air Base Hospital, where apparitions and mysterious voices are common occurrences. Violent spirits witnessed by the inhabitants have rendered the area off limits to everyone. And in Clark Museum, the ghost of a serviceman who committed suicide still haunts the place where he hanged himself.

Clark Airbase has a long, turbulent, and often bloody history in the Philippines. The old air force base was closed after the US withdrawal, and a portion of the large base became the DMIA airport, commonly thought of as Manila’s second airport. However, there are a number of reminders of that bloody past in existence today, and those locations are some of the most haunted in the Philippines. The base also was the location to which many wounded American soldiers we evacuated during the Vietnam war, and the traumas and deaths from that conflict have also left their mark on the spirit presence in the hospital.

Just after Christmas, 1941, the base was bombed by the Japanese, and the Home Plate canteen was hit, killing most of the personnel inside who were celebrating with their holiday dinner. Near the foundations of the old canteen, the sounds of swing music are often heard in the early morning hours while no-one is present or nearby.
The modern airport has a museum on the grounds, and there is an apparition inside of an aviator who supposedly committed suicide to avoid capture that has often been seen.
The base hospital, now in ruins, sees the most spirit activity. Screams are often heard, as are dancing orbs of light. Voices in the empty building are also often heard, and there have been countless reports of apparitions being seen walking or floating through the building, most bearing the scars of battle. Several unidentified white forms have also been observed floating across the airstrip. Objects have often been “thrown” at visitors, making them aware that their presence is unwelcome, in no uncertain terms. The hospital was said to be haunted even while it was open and operational: Many employees heard doors opening and closing on their own or saw unexplained people standing nearby who simply vanished.

It was even featured in an international documentary one of the most scariest in the world by National Geographic’s"

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