DOTr Hiring Various Positions for Railways Sector

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has announced an open call for qualified individuals to fill multiple vacancies within its ranks for Railways Sector. The positions available range from Accounting Officers to Engineers and Monitoring & Evaluation Officers.

The list of vacancies includes:
  • Accounting Officer I
  • Accounting Officer II
  • Accounting Officer III
  • Civil Engineer I
  • Geodetic Engineer I
  • Geodetic Engineer II
  • Geodetic Engineer III
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Officer II
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Officer III
  • Project Evaluation Officer I


These positions offer diverse opportunities for individuals with various backgrounds and expertise levels to contribute to the development and management of railway projects and operations under the Department of Transportation.

Applicants interested in any of the listed positions are encouraged to submit their curriculum vitae (CV) to The deadline for applications is March 20, 2024.

The DOTr - Railways Sector plays a crucial role in the transportation infrastructure of the nation, overseeing the planning, construction, and maintenance of railways across the country. As such, the department seeks individuals with the necessary skills, qualifications, and commitment to help drive forward its mission and objectives.

Candidates for the Accounting Officer positions should possess relevant educational backgrounds and experience in accounting and financial management. Those applying for Civil Engineer and Geodetic Engineer positions should have expertise in engineering principles, with specific focus areas depending on the level of the position.

Additionally, Monitoring & Evaluation Officers are expected to have a strong background in data analysis, project assessment, and performance evaluation to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of railway projects and programs.

The DOTr emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in its workforce and encourages applications from individuals of all backgrounds and identities.

This announcement provides a valuable opportunity for professionals seeking to contribute to the advancement of transportation infrastructure and the enhancement of railway systems nationwide. Interested applicants are urged to submit their applications promptly to be considered for these rewarding positions.

For further information and inquiries, individuals can visit the DOTr website or contact the department directly via the provided email address.

As the deadline approaches, anticipation grows for the influx of applications from eager and qualified individuals ready to embark on a fulfilling journey within the transportation sector, shaping the future of railway development and management in the country.

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