BIR Introduces Digital TIN ID to Combat Fixers and Scammers

In a proactive move to address the persistent issue of fixers and scammers, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has announced the integration of the Digital Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ID into its Online Registration and Update System (ORUS).

Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui Jr. emphasized that the Digital TIN ID system underscores the BIR's commitment to delivering excellent taxpayer service while curbing the illicit practices of fixers and scammers in the issuance of TINs.

GUIDE: BIR Digital TIN ID Application


The Digital TIN ID boasts several features aimed at streamlining the identification process and enhancing security measures:

  • Serving as a reliable reference for the Taxpayer Identification Number, the Digital TIN ID doubles as a valid government-issued identification document accepted across various governmental agencies, local government units, banks, employers, and other institutions. Its authenticity can be readily verified online through the ORUS system using the provided QR Code.

  • Unlike traditional physical TIN cards, the Digital TIN ID dispenses with the need for signatures. Its authenticity can be swiftly confirmed via the ORUS by simply scanning the QR Code embedded in the Digital TIN ID using a mobile device camera.

  • Existing individual taxpayers can seamlessly apply for the Digital TIN ID through the ORUS platform by enrolling their accounts.

  • The Digital TIN ID stands as a permanent identification document, alongside the physical TIN card, eliminating the necessity for acquiring a physical card if one possesses a Digital TIN ID.

However, stringent guidelines for uploading photos have been set forth to ensure the integrity of the Digital TIN ID. Applicants must adhere to clear, appropriate, and recent image specifications that accurately depict the individual. Photos failing to meet the prescribed requirements will be deemed invalid for transactions and rejected by relying parties. Any attempt to upload unrelated images, such as those depicting animals, artists, cartoons, or other individuals, will incur penalties.

Taxpayers seeking to avail themselves of the Digital TIN ID service are reminded that it is provided free of charge. The BIR cautions against engaging with online TIN ID assistance sellers, as their services pose the risk of obtaining invalid or counterfeit TINs, potentially resulting in erroneous taxpayer type classification and compromising future transactions with the BIR. Additionally, taxpayers are required to update their email addresses at their respective Revenue District Offices and submit Form S1905 – Registration Update Sheet (RUS) via email or the BIR's eServices - Taxpayer Registration Related Application (TRRA) Portal.

The introduction of the Digital TIN ID not only enhances efficiency and convenience for taxpayers but also reinforces the BIR's commitment to combatting fraudulent practices and ensuring the integrity of taxpayer identification processes.

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