PH education chief says pregnant students must be allowed to continue their studies and not be expelled

  • Education Secretary Leonor Briones said pregnant students should be allowed to remain in school
  • Briones urged both public and private schools to let their pregnant students to continue with their studies and not be expelled
  • While public schools allow it, most private schools don’t because they have their own policies  


In the Philippines, parents’ mantra to their daughters always include “don’t get yourself pregnant while you’re still a student.” Because when a student gets pregnant here, her studies may be sidelined. Most probably, she has to stop going to school for a while. She has to delay her dreams of finishing her studies on time.

It is mainly because most schools do not allow pregnant students to carry on with their studies. Culture and health risk are another story.

But recently, the top official of the Department of Education in the Philippines voiced out that pregnant learners should be given the chance to stay in school and not be halted to finish their studies.

Education Secretary Leonor Briones in a report on August 24 called on schools in the country, both public or private, to allow pregnant students to continue their studies and not be expelled. The official also noted that based on the education department policy, pregnant learners, particularly in public schools, are allowed to carry on with their education. However, it is a different story in private schools as they have their own policies.
“We do not encourage schools to expel them,” Briones said while recognizing that “there are autonomous private schools so they have their own regulations but in general, we do not encourage expelling learners.”

According to the same report, teenage pregnancy was described as a “national social emergency” due to its implications on economy, education, and health. It was also cited that early marriage and teen pregnancy is now among the top reasons why students leave school.

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