“Hindi lang Marikina!” LOOK: Makati City showcased their modular tent for their evacuation centers

Yesterday, the modular tents of Marikina City for their evacuees has gone viral on social media, but it seems that not only Marikeños are those people who are well-prepared when it comes to their evacuation plan.

On August 10, a netizen who works in Makati City government showed that they’re also ready when a disaster happened in their place.
It showed that like Marikina City, Makati also acquired modular tents that would give privacy and comfort to their evacuees.
The modular tent can accommodate one average sized family and the Makati City government also prepared mat, pillows, bedding, medicines and other basic needs of the evacuees.
There’s also a medical facility for the evacuees, so in case of emergency, the patient would get treatment immediately.
It also showed that necessities like soap, toothpaste and detergent powder are also prepared to be given away to the evacuees.
Makati veterinary office is also ready to rescue stray dogs if a flood happened in their City. However, some netizens showed concerns after they got informed that dogs will be separated from their owner during the evacuation.

There’s also a Food preparation area for the citizens of Makati.
The rules inside the evacuation center confirmed that no pets are allowed inside the vicinity.
The facility which gained most praise from the netizens is the designated breastfeeding area inside the evacuation center.
Netizens praised Makati City for their preparation, however, some people doubt that this was only for publicity.
But some pointed out that that the modular tent doesn’t have the names of politicians so they doubt if the government of Makati really made it just for publicity.
“Bumabawi ang binay family ah. Ayos yan!” netizen Leon og commented.

“the most organized evac center ive seen in the country..sana Mayor binay, di eto overpriced ha? bakamatulad ka sa bro mo.. just saying’ Netizen Emelyn Haz Balabat remarked
“Kudos to the local government and to those who are behind this great action. Sana buong bansa ganyandin.” netizen Jerby Cristo said.

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