Honestbee Grocery Delivery on demand Review

It’s been a while since I shared a personal experience in this blog, so today I’m just going to share my personal experience in a new service called honestbee.

Basically, in a nutshell, it’s an on-demand food and grocery delivery.
You can either order via their app which is available for both android and ios or by visiting their website store.
Actually, since it was a raining today and I don’t have any food in stock plus even though the grocery is just a kilometer away from my house. I still don’t want to go outside since I don’t want to get wet and carry around many bags because when I do my grocery thing usually it’s good for 2weeks or 1month lol.

On-demand Grocery Delivery

It means that’s a minimum of 4-5 bags and if I’m alone, boy that will be very heavy to carry around plus I do usually ride my motorbike so just imagine the struggle haha!.
So, I visited their site registered my account and I also saw a promo that there is a Php500.00 off on your first order, with a minimum purchase of Php1,500.00 which is actually not bad since like what I said I usually do my grocery for a two weeks stocks of food so I am pretty confident that my expense will be more than Php2,000.00.

I used the desktop version although this is applicable for both the mobile app and the desktop version.

Purchasing Experience

Once you logged in you will have a choice of Food or Groceries and depending on the area I think there will be other choices for the partner store but on my end, I have only Robinsons Supermarket.
After choosing the store it will show all the items and categories that you can choose from so just like shopping on any online stores it’s the same experience.
Initially, what I like in the platform is it loads pretty darn fast although of course, I’m on a fibre connection so I not sure if it’s the same experience with the other users.
After putting all the items I needed on top it shows the total price plus a unlock feature that you can have a free delivery once you reach a certain amount. which is a minimum of Php1500.00 purchase to unlock the free delivery.

Less PHP500 for first time user

In the checkout section, it has the Subtotal, delivery fee and concierge fee for both worth Php99. On my end, I only get to pay the concierge fee and the delivery fee is already FREE of charge since my subtotal is more than Php2,000.00.
On the next step, I input my contact number, delivery time which I can choose the available dates and time. I selected the 3-4pm although they can delivery until 9pm just select the right delivery time that will fit your schedule.
For the payment they have two choices it’s either Pay via Credit Card or COD which is Cash on Delivery.
Also in this section, you will need to click the Use a coupon from your wallet in case you have a coupon code. Since this is my first-order I have a Php500.00 off on top of my original subtotal purchase.
Once you fulfilled the order you will receive an email plus a text message that they will call you if they will need to substitute the item in case it’s not available.

The waiting game starts now….

In my experience in less than an hour actually, I already receive a long text message that says there are items that are not available and what are the item that they plan to substitute, I didn’t immediately reply coz I went outside so after a few minutes they called my number and reconfirmed if the alternative items are ok.
I’m not sure if they are actually at the grocery store while they are calling since one of the items I ask if it’s available since it has a different variant so the girl who called me mentioned that the only available items are this and that.
And one thing I liked when they clarify the order is they really check the item carefully since one of my order is a chocolate bar and she mentioned that all of the bars are already cracked and she asked me if that is ok. I said yes it’s ok. So that’s one thing that for sure some people will like if they are nit-picky when doing their groceries.
Even the meats goods they really checked which one is good.

Delivery time

Now the delivery time is also satisfactory I scheduled my delivery for 3pm-4pm and guess what time the delivery arrived? It’s arrived at exactly 3:05pm and it’s raining hard outside the delivery guy is on a motorbike with a huge bag at the back similar to the LBC guys who deliver tons of items.
Receiving the items is as easy as paying the exact amount and just signing the digital signature on their app from the delivery guy and that’s it.
The packaging of the delivery are all in an ecobag of the honestbee and all are well packed and separated properly.
Overall I can say I am super satisfied with their service, added value is they will clarify your order and ask if the similar item is ok for an alternative.

Overall Experience

So if you’re a super busy person like me who don’t have time to go outside and do the grocery thing this service is right for you. the delivery fee and concierge fee might be expensive if you’re just ordering a few items but if similar to what I did amounting over Php2,000 on a rainy day I think personally it’s a win win scenario I didn’t get wet nor pay my parking fee in the supermarket.
The delivery fee and concierge fee might be expensive if you’re just ordering a few items but if similar to what I did amounting over Php2,000 on a rainy day I think personally it’s a win win scenario I didn’t get wet nor pay my parking fee in the supermarket.
That’s about it for my honestbee experience again if you want to try their service I highly recommend using their coupon code and you might want also to consider using the link down below since It will give a discount for both of us 🙂
Happy shopping everyone.


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