Who is Ornusa Cadness

Supermodel Ornusa Cadness can be best described as effortlessly cool.

We only say this without any tinge of pretension because, if you were with us last March 22 on the sinfully sunny shores of Boracay for the third annual Bikini Heaven, you would have witnessed this fine specimen of a woman in action. For those of you who were there, you already know what we’re talking about. 

Each time she stepped out, a barely-there bikini exposing just enough of her long, lithe self to remind you of your inferior genes, the crowd screamed her praises; she showed the same calm yet charismatic command she had of the catwalk, natural and never forced. And when she wasn’t having fun teasing and taunting the audience’s manly-parts from the runway, she was showcasing her rhythm and flow, freestyle rapping at local party den Epic. 

She also made an appearance at the after-party. Despite a day of rehearsals and an evening of stomping out the rain as gawking men ogled with their eyes and wolf-whistles, she reveled in the night’s success with the rest of the program’s beautiful people. Bottles popped open, questionable dance moves abounded, and more people stared. Debauchery was in order. There was reason to celebrate. 

And the morning after–amidst hangovers, wonky stomachs, and powerful urges to make love to the bed instead of frolicking in the sweltering heat–we found Ornusa up and early, ready for our scheduled beach shoot, looking fresh as a tropical flower in bloom. Then and there, we wished we had another round of tequila shots to knock back with her in celebration (or to relieve our already-aching heads); a sip of some strong alcohol to rejoice our model’s ability to never lose steam, serve up interestingly sexy poses when asked of her, and for always patronizing our invites when we extended one. 

We sometimes wonder why such an awesome chick like her–who can work a crowd with either rap star skills or a stringy swimsuit–makes time for us, your favorite rag and website. And we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s simply because, she’s just cool like that.


You've been a part of FHM's Boracay Bikini Heaven event since it started three years ago. How does it feel participating in the show?
I’m always happy to be a part of the show. We always end up having a blast during and after.
You were again one of the crowd favorite this year. How do you pump yourself up for the show?
Am I really a crowd favorite? Maybe it’s because I’m just a familiar face…or that I have many friends. Actually, no, scratch that. I paid them all to cheer for me, ha ha!

We were lucky enough to witness your rapping skills at Epic the night before the show. Where did you learn to rap like that?
When I was in sixth grade one of the first cassette tapes I bought was the Doggystyle album of Snoop Dogg. I listened to that religiously and basically just memorized it. Since then I just had a knack for rapping I suppose.

Boracay is notorious for being a party place. What are some of the tips you can give vacationers to maximize the place's potential for debauchery?
YOLO, man. YOLO.

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