Super Tatay Na Basurero Napagtapos Ang Kanyang Anak Sa Kolehiyo

Jenny Rose is very proud of her hardworking father Cristito Quimado who gave all he can do to support her daughter who is now graduated from college.

Jenny Rose is the eldest of the five siblings and she is the first one to finish college. Jenny expressed how proud she is about her father who is a garbage collector.

Tatay Cristito wakes up 3 in the morning to start his work and he will earn at least Php 500.00 per day.

According to Kami, Jenny Rose's expenses are taken from that Php 500.00 even though she is a scholar but the only free for being a scholar is the tuition fee.

When people around Jenny Rose asked her what's her father's job she proudly says 'basurero po' and she never felt ashamed of it.


Now that Jenny Rose finished her studying she prepared herself to take over and she will be the one that will work and help her other siblings to finish studying.

Many netizens are proud of Tatay Cristito and many of them were inspired by him.

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