Photo Of President Duterte Beside Political Candidate Spotted In Taiwan

President Rodrigo Duterte was widely popular not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world not just because he is the president. He is popular because of his concern for Filipino, demeanor, and bold personality.

The president is also known for his deep concern for his fellow Filipinos by serving them whole-heartedly. Duterte proves that he is one of the ordinary Filipinos out there by having a simple lifestyle appropriate for the current economy of our country.

The president’s big heart and helping hands to his fellow countrymen made him more popular despite all the criticisms thrown to him.

Recently, the official social media page of "Philippine Star" has shared the edited photo of President Duterte with a political candidate's photo in Hualien City, Taiwan.


This photo shows how famous President Duterte is, even in foreign countries.

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