Mga Filipino Comedian Na Nakapagpatawa Sa Atin Ng Todo-Todo

Sometimes when you are by yourself you often encounter flashbacks where you once laugh so hard because of a certain movie where comedians really hit you hard with their jokes.

Remembering them feels nostalgic and makes you forget the problems you are facing.

Without further ado here are 10 Filipino comedians who made us laugh really hard.

Pugo and Togo is a Filipino comedian duo who appeared in Philippine movies during the 1940s up to 1950s. Mariano Contreras (1898-1978) portrayed Pugo and Andres Solomon (1905-1952) portrayed Togo, they appeared in short skits, slapstick, and funny dialogues presented in Manila's theaters, most particularly Clover Theater and Avenue Theater.

Palito (September 4, 1934 - April 12, 2010) is a veteran Filipino slapstick comedian and actor who really made people laugh back in the day, he became really famous in the 1970s and 1980s. He is well known for his appearance being light and thin he earned his screenname Palito.

Panchito Alba (February 25, 1925 - December 18, 1995) is a FAMAS award-winning Filipino film actor who often appeared in comedy movies. Many people known him for his prominent big nose which was often the topic for his movies. Panchito appeared together with his real-life best friend King of Comedy Dolphy.

Jimmy Santos (October 8, 1950) became really famous for his role as 'Bonjing' where he appeared as a huge Baby with a body of an adult.


Cipriano 'Dodoy' CermeƱo II (December 5, 1955 - July 25, 2010) is popularly known by his screen name as Redford White, is a Filipino comedian and actor who was active in the 1970s up to 2000s.

Redford White started to be recognized in the late 1970s for his supporting role in the sitcom Iskul Bukol. In the year 1980s, he got himself many leading roles in comedy films such as Bino and Klayd, Darakula and Hee Man: Master of None, his first major role.

Ricardo Castro (1935 - November 14, 2003) known for being an actor, entertainer, and comedian.

Carding became a part of the singing comic duo Reycard Duet, along with Rey Ramirez. The duo established in 1954 and they have performed for 40 years until the year 1997.

Renato 'Rene' Requiestas (January 22, 1957 - July 24, 1993) is one of the top Filipino comedians that really made everyone who watches his films laugh really hard.

Rene Requiestas was known for his sidekick roles alongside with other comedy actors such as Joey De Leon.

Marvic Valentin Castelo Sotto (born April 28, 1954), known as Vic Sotto, is a Filipino actor, television presenter, comedian, singer-songwriter, and film producer from the Philippines. He became well known for many various television films and movie projects.

Pablito Sarmiento (June 29, 1942 – August 27, 1998), better known as Babalu, was a Filipino comedian and actor. His screen name was a reference to his long chin ("baba" is the Filipino term for "chin") of which was sometimes a subject of on-screen ridicule, usually by himself.

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. (July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012) popularly known by his stage name as Dolphy, Pidol, and Golay. He is a Filipino comedian-actor in the Philippines and earned the title of 'King of Comedy' for his comedic talent.

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