Kitty Duterte slams a vlogger for criticizing her Tatay Digong!

It seems that not only Kris Aquino and Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson are engaged in a social media war.

Amid the Kris vs Mocha issue which reached the national headlines and made thousands of netizens and several bloggers to engage in a debate, there’s an unheard battle happened on Twitter which involved the Presidential daughter Kitty daughter.
A well-known video blogger known as Angel Dei is one of the social media personality who criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for kissing an Overseas Filipino Worker during his working visit in South Korea.
To condemn the President, Angel Dei posted a tweet addressed to the people who regret voting for Duterte.
“If you ever voted or supported Duterte before but you’re regretting it now, then I’m proud of you.” Angel Dei said in her tweet.
Photo: @_angeldei
Some expressed their support for Dei who stood up against the President and agreed for what she believed.
However, it seems that Dei didn’t know that Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, the youngest of the Presidential siblings are also on Twitter, reading every tweet about her father.
In response to Dei’s post, Veronica Duterte posted a tweet which an indirect response to the vlogger’s criticisms against her father.

Kitty imitated some of the lines of Dei to make sure that the people would get that her message is for the vlogger who said that she’s proud to the people who regretted in supporting Duterte.
“If you just thought of showing your thin *** body on social media, decided to make nonsense videos and all that irrelevant stuff most people nowadays do, but you’re regretting it now and you’re planning to do something that actually helps, then perhaps I can say I’m proud of you,” Kitty said referring to Dei’s job as a video blogger.
The post of Kitty has been clearly understood by her followers on Twitter and they’re the one who mentioned Dei to the presidential daughter’s tweet.
Some also criticized Duterte for using “ad-hominem” against Dei.
Kitty didn’t respond to the criticisms threw at her.
President Duterte said before that he’s having a difficulty of having an argument with Kitty.
Meanwhile, Angel Dei clarified that she’s also praising President Duterte when the latter made a good decision.
However, she was disappointed because several of the promises of President Duterte has been broken. 

Tweet ko before when he acknowledged his mistakes, sinabi nya na he can’t be bastos anymore because he’s the president. I applauded him for apologizing. Nakakadismaya lang kasi he keeps on breaking his promises. Hindi lang puro mali ang nakikita ko. 😊

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