Ella Cruz Vs. Donnalyn Bartolome: Who’s The Sexier Suspense-Thriller Chick?

Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome are set to scare the hell out of movie-goers through their first film together, Cry No Fear.

The suspense-thriller is about two half-sisters, Wendy (Ella) and Kaycee (Donnalyn), who despise each other. One night, while stranded in their house during a raging storm, a group of intruders try to break in, forcing the pair to unite and outwit the murderous criminals.
In a report by ABS-CBN, the two actresses admitted that they became close friends because of the film. “We’re like siblings, minus the fights,” Donnalyn said. Ella added: “We have more bonding [time] and we share a lot of things.”
In their respective Instagram accounts, it can be seen how the two treasure their time together. Both ladies look like they’re having fun even if they have a jam-packed schedule while promoting their movie.

We also can’t help but notice how the two actresses have evolved in terms of their acting prowess. Now, they are ready for more serious and mature roles.
And to hype you up for the movie, we decided to have a friendly face-off between the two to see who is the sexier suspense-thriller chick. Below, allow their hottest Instagram snaps to do the talking.
The Selfie Battle:

We can’t help but find Donnalyn’s just-woke-up selfie adorable. Seriously, look at that cute wacky face!
Ella – 0, Donnalyn -1
The Dance Outfit Battle:

Dance darling, Ella, is effortless when it comes to showing her swag.
Ella – 1, Donnalyn - 1
The Fish Gape Portrait Battle:
Ella’s looking fierce and fine on this one!
Ella – 2, Donnalyn -1
The Bikini Battle:
We have a new #BalakangBabe right here! Hips don’t lie for Donnalyn!

Ella – 2, Donnalyn - 2
“Cry No Fear” opens in cinemas today, June 20.

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