Every relationship requires loyalty. No relationship would work if one of them isn't being faithful. But then, what are the basis to consider one as not faithful? Does it involve looking at other women? Or going on a night out with guy friends?

Well, it's pretty normal for people to go out and have a relaxing moment with their friends by drinking all night or partying all night. For some people, going on a night out with their friends is the best way for them to let loose after a tiring day at the office. However, there are times when unexpected things happen during a night out! One of the things that might happen is when girls would try their best to hook up with you, or worse, you'd be chosen by a girl as her guest and there, she will do a show for you.

Now, if you were a girl and you suddenly realized that your boyfriend was already up on stage being entertained by a performer, what would you do? 

The Facebook page of Pinoy Rap Radio has recently posted a video taken in what seems like a bar. As of this writing, the video has already garnered more than 190 thousand views, 2 thousand reactions and more than 500 shares on social media.

So are you wondering what this video is all about and why it made a noise on social media?

Well, in the viral video, a sizzling hot performer was seen choosing a man from the audience. When she finally picked one, she asked the man to sit on the chair in front of her. Once he's seated, he started doing a sexy dance in front of him. You can even see that she's already starting to take off her clothes when suddenly, a furious woman came rushing!

The furious woman suddenly pushed the sexy woman, causing her to fell into the floor. After she pushed the woman, she immediately grabbed her boyfriend's arm and dragged him down the stage! 

After they left, the security officers quickly assisted the woman fell hard into the floor.

As it turns out, the woman who suddenly walked up the stage is the man's girlfriend and it seems that she didn't like what she saw that she decided to drag her boyfriend off of the stage.

The netizens have different reactions regarding this matter. Some claims that she shouldn't have done such thing to the woman while others sided her by saying that it's the man's fault because he's already in a relationship yet he still chose to sit there and watch another girl dance in front of him. 


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