Pasig City Scholarship Renewal List for 2nd Sem, Released

The Pasig City Scholarship Program has officially released the initial list of renewal scholars for the second semester of the academic year 2023-2024.

The list includes students from three categories/levels: Senior High School (Batch 1), College (Batch 1), and Arts and Design.


The selection process for the renewal of scholarships was rigorous, with applications thoroughly screened based on academic performance, income, and residency requirements.

This meticulous review ensures that only those who meet the stringent criteria continue to benefit from the program.

Students who do not find their names on the list but believe they meet the qualifications are encouraged to visit the Pasig City Scholars Office. They have the opportunity to submit an appeal within three working days from the publication date of this list. 

During the appeal process, students may be required to provide additional documentation to demonstrate their eligibility. If the appeal is found to be meritorious, the student's name will be included in a supplemental list, which will be released separately.

Click the link to access the list:

Copy of the list, in case the first links become inaccessible due to simultaneous viewing:

The Pasig City Scholarship Program remains committed to supporting the educational aspirations of its residents, ensuring that deserving students have the resources they need to succeed. 

For further inquiries, students and parents are advised to contact the Pasig City Scholars Office directly.

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