A Giant Air-Conditioner is Installed at a BGC Bus Stop

Today, May 11, 2024, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) unveiled its latest marvel of urban ingenuity: a giant air-conditioning unit installed at a bus stop waiting shed near Crescent Park, situated at the junction of 31st Street and 1st Avenue.

In the scorching heat of today's tropical weather, the introduction of this giant air-conditioner couldn't have come at a better time.


As commuters flock to public transportation hubs, they're greeted with a welcome respite from the sweltering temperatures, enhancing their overall commuting experience and encouraging greater reliance on eco-friendly modes of transport.

News of BGC's groundbreaking initiative has already begun to spread like wildfire across social media platforms, garnering widespread acclaim and admiration. This bold step forward underscores BGC's status as a pioneer in urban development, setting a new standard for sustainability and comfort while inspiring other cities to follow suit in creating more livable environments for their residents.

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