DOTR Plans Elevated Walkways to Improve Foot Traffic on EDSA

In a bid to alleviate traffic congestion along EDSA, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has unveiled plans to enhance walkways by elevating sections where foot traffic is heaviest.

DOTr Undersecretary Jesus Ferdinand "Andy" Ortega announced the initiative, dubbed the "Greenways Project," during a televised briefing on Thursday.

Ortega explained that the project aims to address traffic bottlenecks at key intersections where pedestrians and commuters often impede the flow of vehicles. "We were talking about some corners where traffic stops because some people are passing by or commuters are crossing the road," he said.


Under the proposed plan, elevated walkways will replace ground-level paths, providing a safer and more convenient route for pedestrians while minimizing disruptions to vehicular traffic. "Our plan is to elevate those parts so instead of walking on the streets, which will affect our traffic, they can walk along a walkway above. This is safer, more convenient, and more orderly. These will have roofs," Ortega elaborated.

Additionally, the DOTr is in the final stages of privatizing the EDSA Bus Carousel to enhance the commuter experience further. Ortega emphasized that while privatization is imminent, the department is considering various factors, including feedback from stakeholders and directives from the President, to ensure the improvement of service quality.

"At the moment we are definitely privatizing our busway, but we have studies from the DOTr and also unsolicited advice. So DOTr will have a final decision on this matter, taking into account what the president said to really improve the service," Ortega stated.

The proposed upgrades include the addition of more bus stops and an increase in the number of buses operating along EDSA to better serve commuters. "The certain number of buses that we are using, we have to adjust if we have to add para ma-meet natin iyong requirements ng ating commuters," Ortega affirmed.

The management group has expressed support for the upgrade and privatization of the EDSA busway and railways, recognizing the potential benefits for both commuters and the overall transportation system.

As the DOTr moves forward with its plans, commuters and motorists alike can anticipate improvements that will enhance mobility and alleviate congestion along Metro Manila's busiest thoroughfare.

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