Cherry blossoms bloom in BGC, soon along Pasig River

Spring has officially arrived in regions with four distinct seasons, and even in the Philippines, this vibrant season brings one of its most anticipated spectacles.

The Palawan cherry blossoms, also known as balayong, have started to bloom in select areas of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.

Originally native to the island of Palawan, a few balayong trees now grace the heart of BGC's Track the 30th, with additional sakura-like blooms adorning various parts of the bustling business district.


These trees can reach heights of up to 15 meters, and their bright pink flowers adorn the cityscape from March to May, gradually fading to white. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the wood from these trees can also be crafted into lightweight furniture.

In local folklore, the balayong symbolizes feminine dominance, female beauty, and love, imbuing the language of herbs with deeper meaning.

Each March, Palawan celebrates the peak of the blooming season with the Balayong Festival, a testament to the tree's significance in Philippine culture. As time progresses, more balayong trees are expected to dot the capital region's landscape.

In a bid to promote environmental sustainability, the Department of Environment & Natural Resources - National Capital Region recently provided balayong seedlings to the Manila Chinatown Barangay Organization through the Rotary Club of Manila. These seedlings will be planted along the Pasig River, commencing in Binondo, as part of the broader effort to develop the Pasig River System under the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.

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