Philippine Infradev affirms Makati Subway Project 'will still continue'

Philippine Infradev Affirms Continuation of Makati Subway Project Despite Challenges

In a recent interview with Hitoshi Iemura of Global Strategy Real Estate, Philippine Infradev's Chief Operating Officer, Georgina Monsod, addressed concerns regarding the Makati Subway Project amidst a September court decision altering land distribution between Taguig and Makati. The interview, posted on YouTube on Nov. 28, 2023, sheds light on the company's stance on the project's feasibility in the wake of jurisdictional changes.

The court decision, which affected the alignment of the subway and resulted in several stations falling under Taguig's jurisdiction, raised doubts about the project's future. However, Monsod reassured stakeholders that the project remains on track despite the challenges posed by the court ruling.

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During the interview, Monsod acknowledged ongoing reviews in response to the altered circumstances but emphasized that Philippine Infradev is "not very affected" by the changes. She confidently stated, "the project will still continue," underscoring the company's commitment to seeing the Makati Subway Project through to fruition.

In response to inquiries about the project's construction progress, Monsod mentioned that the company is exploring alternative plans. While specifics were not divulged, Monsod hinted at the possibility of modernizing the project and exploring other forms of subway or rail-based transportation.

The remarks by Philippine Infradev's COO highlight the company's resilience and adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges. Despite the complexities introduced by the court decision, Philippine Infradev remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering a transformative transportation solution for Makati City.

As discussions continue and plans evolve, stakeholders eagerly await further updates on the future trajectory of the Makati Subway Project. With Philippine Infradev's assurance of continued progress, optimism persists regarding the realization of this ambitious infrastructure endeavor.

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