'Parang 'di tinadhana': Binay on stalled Makati Subway Project

In a surprising turn of events, Makati City Mayor Abby Binay has announced doubts about the fate of the highly anticipated $3.7 billion Makati Subway Project

Binay revealed on Monday that the project, aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the city, may not come to fruition due to complications arising from a longstanding territorial dispute between Makati and Taguig, exacerbated by a recent Supreme Court decision.

The ambitious 11-kilometer subway, designed to connect EDSA-Ayala to the University of Makati, was scheduled for completion by 2025. However, Binay expressed skepticism about its continuation, stating, "It may no longer be an intra-city project because it's in a different city. It seems it wasn't meant to be."

Furthermore, Binay dismissed the idea of shortening the subway route as economically unviable, asserting that reducing the number of stops would result in financial losses due to diminished economies of scale.


With the project's future hanging in the balance, Binay shifted the decision-making responsibility to Philippine Infradev Holdings, the private sector proponent, suggesting that they explore alternative proposals in light of incurred losses. Binay emphasized that the company had already invested substantial resources in excavation and property acquisition.

Complicating matters further, Philippine Infradev Holdings disclosed that the subway's alignment might no longer be feasible due to jurisdictional changes, as certain stations would fall under Taguig's authority.

Despite these setbacks, Binay assured residents that the city government remains committed to addressing traffic congestion through alternative means. One such initiative is the Smart Bus Transport system, a $12 million electric bus project funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency, set to deploy forty electric vehicles within Makati City by 2025.

Looking ahead, Binay outlined plans for a shuttle system connecting schools within the city, aimed at providing affordable transportation options for students. She expressed hope that this initiative would help alleviate financial burdens on families, as student allowances are often consumed by transportation expenses.

While the future of the Makati Subway Project remains uncertain, Binay's focus on alternative transport solutions underscores her commitment to easing congestion and improving accessibility within the city. However, some residents remain hopeful that political differences between Makati and Taguig can be set aside to salvage the ambitious subway endeavor.

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