Why it’s important to understand sodium

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Excessive salt in the body can have serious health consequences. Sodium is still an essential nutrient for human survival. People who are struggling with high blood pressure should include more potassium-rich meals in their diet and stick to it.

Don’t resort to convenience foods loaded with preservatives because they’re quick and easy to prepare. For optimal health and longevity, the human body was optimized for a diet consisting primarily of prepared whole foods.

When sodium levels in the blood drop too low, serious changes begin to occur at around 115. Normal range is between 135 and 145. An ordinary day for a person with low salt levels can end with the collapse of his legs when he stands up from a chair. It’s possible he’s on the floor and unable to get up; he needs rapid medical attention.


The medical community recognizes a wide variety of potential causes for low blood salt levels. Doctors in emergency rooms rarely encounter patients with low sodium levels. They could spend a considerable amount of time making sure everything is normal except for the sodium levels.

If the correct laboratory tests aren’t ordered, a low sodium level may go unnoticed. It might be disastrous for someone to go undiagnosed and sent home.

The length of time you spend in the hospital on an IV drip and receiving electrolytes will depend on how severe your low sodium condition is. Cerebral edema can cause severe confusion, to the point where you may not know where you are or how you got there. Seizures and coma are medical emergencies.

It’s understandable to feel confused and afraid if you suddenly find yourself unable to do simple things like getting out of bed or walking. Recovery times are increased if pneumonia develops.

The root cause of most sodium deficiency conditions remains a medical mystery. The most common cause is water intoxication, which occurs when someone drinks excessive amounts of water. Still, doctors prescribe low-sodium diets as a first line of defense against hypertension, but they fail to warn patients about the complications that can arise from such an intake.
Older adults, especially those in hospitals or long-term care facilities, frequently experience dangerously low blood sodium levels. Most people you talk to will have experienced it firsthand, either through a hospitalization or the loss of a loved one due to low sodium levels.

Hyponatremia, or low sodium levels, is a serious condition that should be flagged by doctors more often. In large quantities, salt is toxic to the human body, but the body needs some salt to function properly.

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