Makati to give ₱5,000 cash aid to each qualified resident

Makati City is providing qualified residents ₱5,000 each as part of its relief efforts in mitigating the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Abby Binay announced Monday that the Makati City government has allotted ₱2.7 billion for distribution to its more than half a million residents, under the Makatizen Economic Relief Program.

“This is for everyone, whether they are rich or poor, whether they received SAP (social amelioration program) or did not receive SAP, as long as they fall under the qualification that we require,” Binay said.

Who are qualified to benefit? 

Residents must be at least 18 years old and have either the city’s Makatizen Card or Yellow Card, or be a registered voter to qualify for the cash assistance program.


Binay clarified that cash aid will be given per individual, meaning a household may have more than one beneficiary, and that the program covers qualified kasambahays.

“When you are solo, you are immediately disqualified [under] SAP, in our case if you don’t have family, you will get ₱5,000,” Binay said.

Meanwhile, senior citizens may receive the ₱5,000 cash aid on top of the cash incentives they have already received from the city government.

Binay added that city residents who have been relocated to other areas or are not currently residing in Makati City are still covered by the cash assistance program.

“We actually have two relocation sites that the city owns. So one is in Calauan and the other is in San Jose, Del Monte, so they will also form part of our program,” Binay said. “The nice thing about it (is it’s) being contactless. You can be in the province, because you are stuck there in lockdown, you will still get your ₱5,000.”

What are the requirements? 

Binay said the city government's cash aid distribution will be quick because it is contactless and cashless. The cash aid will be given to qualified city residents through the GCash electronic money transfer.

“They will receive their money while they are at home,” Binay said. “I’m very thankful that GCash is a very strong partner in this contactless, cashless approach in giving subsidy to our Makatizens.”

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