Julia Barretto hits Bea Alonzo for 'bullying': 'I refuse to be your victim'


MANILA, Philippines – Julia Barretto defended herself in a controversy that has painted her as the third party in the breakup of fellow actors Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo.
Bea and Gerald’s breakup caught public attention when Bea made a series of cryptic posts on Instagram, implying that she had been betrayed. Netizens also noticed that Bea had "liked" an Instagram post showing Gerald and Julia walking together outside a bar where they attended the birthday party of actor Rayver Cruz.

This led people to speculate that Gerald had cheated on Bea with Julia.

Posting on Instagram on Tuesday, August 6, Julia addressed Bea, saying: “your heartbreak should have been a private matter, but you have selfishly turned it into something of national concern.”

“Bea, you wanted to keep your hands clean by not mentioning me in your controversial post, but with a click of your finger, in your sly way, you have charged everybody to destroy me FOR YOU,” she said.

She accused Bea of bullying, saying “you are a woman of great influence and following. You could have used that power to promote strength and grace in women, but instead you’ve used that to promote social media irresponsibility. That is downright bullying.”

“You can play victim all you want, but I refuse to be your victim,” she said.

She also clarified that she didn’t cheat on her ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia, as people have alleged.

“Let’s be clear: Josh and I had broken up 4 months ago. We have publicly admitted it together and we have cleared that there was no third-party involved,” she said. Joshua himself has also expressed his support for Julia.

She also disassociated herself from Bea and Gerald’s breakup, saying that Gerald has clarified that a third party was not the cause of his split with Bea.

Bea had previously said that Gerald did not properly end their relationship and “just started not talking” to her, while Gerald said that he and Bea had an unhealthy relationship.

Julia, Bea, and Gerald are all talents of ABS-CBN.

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