NBI issues multi-purpose clearance

When we are talking about National Bureau of Investigation clearance, the first thing we think is it is for job application, gun license, visa and for travel abroad.

But last October 2, there’s a memorandum for the new NBI clearance and it will be a ‘multi-purpose’ that can be used in any transaction for abroad or local.
The multi purpose clearance is valid for a year and it only cost P115.
NBI-Information and Communication Technology Division Executive officer Welerme Haplasca Jr. said, “You can use this clearance for all purposes, it’s applicable.”
“For example, I’m applying for a job, and was not hired but have not submitted this clearance, I can still use it for other purposes,” he added.

Under the old system, the NBI clearance has with 71 different versions issued depending the purposes of the applicant needed.
With the new multi-purpose clearance, it is now easy and convenient to process a NBI clearance.

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