Cainta Mayor Kit Nieto’s witty Facebook replies will make you chuckle

The school year has just begun but class suspensions have already started. Yesterday, a huge part of the country experienced heavy rainfall as tropical depression “Domeng” moved closer to the Philippines. Cainta mayor Kit Nieto dealt with this in the most humorous way possible.

Because of this, the municipal government of Cainta, Jalajala, and Taytay declared class suspension on all levels. Needless to say, the students were more than delighted to hear the news.
But what made plenty of residents of Cainta happy wasn’t the suspension itself, rather, it was Mayor Johnielle Keith ‘Kit’ Nieto‘s witty responses on Facebook.


Yesterday, as early as 4:25 in the morning, Mayor Kit Nieto had already announced the suspension of classes in all levels through his Facebook account. As expected, many of his constituents commented on his post. But what we didn’t expect were the Mayor’s witty comebacks!
In one instance, a student thanked Mayor Kit Nieto for the early announcement. Instead of saying “welcome” the mayor said:
Di problema yung announcement… ang problema yung ulan minsan late na kung dumating.
He has a point.
Another reply that made social media users laugh was when a Facebook user said that she wishes all government officials suspended classes early as well. To which Mayor Nieto jokingly replied, “Hindi, inagahan ko lang para makatulog na ako”.
But my personal favorite has to be when one student asked, “Totoo po ba?”. Such an inquiry elicited a sarcastic rhetorical question from the mayor.
“Mukha ba akong nagbibiro?”
Here are the other witty responses of Mayor Kit Nieto that’ll surely crack you up.


One pupil from Cainta compiled all the hilarious replies coming from Mayor Kit and posted it on Facebook. Immediately, plenty of other users also found it comical. The post has now garnered more than 14,000 shares and 12,000 reactions as of writing.
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