Alamin kung bakit dapat ugaliin ang pag-inom ng tubig pagkagising sa umaga

Drinking water is very important to us it makes us hydrated and cleans our body from toxins through urination.

Drinking water has its own different kinds of health benefits even if your stomach is full or empty but did you know that drinking water with an empty stomach is beneficial to us?

Here are various benefits of drinking water with an empty stomach:

Cleanses Our Bowels

When you drink water on an empty stomach it helps in cleansing your bowels so if you feel constipated you can drink water because it can help clear the waste from your body.

Removes Toxins From Your Body

By drinking water, it cleanses our body from toxins and detoxifies ourselves.

Prevents Headaches


Dehydration leads to having a headache so drink water to stay hydrated.


When you drink water after waking up in the morning with an empty stomach clears the waste from our bodies and makes us feel hungry.

Increases Energy

When you drink water with an empty stomach it stimulates the red blood cells to populate at a faster rate which leads to the boost of energy.


Your metabolism rate increases for about 25% when you drink water with an empty stomach.

Reduces weight

Water has no calories which mean drinking plenty of water when you are on a diet is essential as it helps lose some weight. It increases our metabolism which leads to burning calories faster.

Prevent Kidney Stone

Drinking water with an empty stomach also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.


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