20 Filipino Celebrity Who Were Dating Each Other Before

Celebrities’ love life will always be the apple of the eyes of the people, especially the fans. The dating scene is the most awaited part of it. Paparazzi will always look after the best shot of celebrity couples. Some of the celebrity couples ended their relationship with a happy ending, but most of them choose to be apart and live their own life.

In line with this, here is the list of the celebrities who used to be dating each other before:

1. Jean Garcia and Polo Ravales
- There were rumors that these celebrities went to Macau together. And seen dating each other often, but they did not admit about that issue.

2. Marvin Agustin and Pauleen Luna
- These couples broke up because of the issue with Pauleen’s parents. But Pauleen did not confirm about it. She said that they talked and understand each other before the break up.

3. Jake Cuenca and Love Poe   
- Jake Cuenca admitted that he had a relationship with Lovi Poe for two years.

4. Enrique Gil and Coleen Garcia
- These two were dating before and Coleen confirmed that she had a “puppy love” relationship with Enrique.

5. Carla Abellana and JC Intal
- Basketball player, Jc Intal had a past relationship with Carla Abellana before he was married to Bianca Gonzales. The two are still good friends until now.


6. Jame Reid and Ericka Villongco
- Ericka Villongco is a singer. She admitted that she had a relationship with James for three years.

7. Megan Young and Nico Salva 
- Miss World 2013, Megan Young had a love affair before with Ateneo Blue Eagle basketball player, Nico Salva.

8. Rachelle Ann Go and Gab Valenciano 
- Rachelle Ann confirmed that she had a relationship with Gab before and now she is happy about the marriage of Gab with Tricia Centenera.

9. Jc De Vera and Michelle Madrigal
- Jc admitted that he was so much in love with Michelle before. And he was hurt after the break up.

10. Rocco Nacino and Sheena Halili   
- After the break up of these two celebrities, they worked together for “Hiram Na Alala” and Sheena admitted that it was an awkward feeling to work with the ex-boyfriend again

11. Oyo Boy Sotto and Nadine Samonte
- In 2012, after the break up, Nadine Samonte said that there were no awkward moments to work again with ex-boyfriend Oyo.

12. Oyo Boy Sotto and Angel Locsin
- Angel confirmed that he had a past relationship with Oyo, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend Miko Sotto.

13. Richard Guitierrez and Jewel Mische   
- The love affair of these two celebrities was private until Richard admitted that he had a past relationship with Jewel after the break up in 2010.

14. Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo   
- Reports said that Bea had a relationship with Gerald, but they did not admit the reason of their break up.


15. Benjamin Alves and Pia Wurtzbach   
- You will see before the photos of Benjamin in Instagram together with Pia. Benjamin admitted that he was taking Pia out on a date before.

16. Jake Cuenca and Jessy Mendiola 
- Jake was courting Jessy before, but he became busy with his career, the reason for him not to pursue it.

17. Xian Lim and Erich Gonzales
- The two are dating each other before, but Xian said that he was so busy with his career to pursue Erich.

18. Solenn Heussaff and Derek Ramsay
- They had a 9 year relationship before they decided to finish it up. They worked together in the film “Love Is Blind”.

19. Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta
- In 1991, during the making of their film “Maging Sino Ka Man” Robin and Sharon were dating each other. “Kambal” is the term of their endearment.

20. Christian Bautista and Carla Dunareanu
- The love started during the international series of “The Kitchen Musical”, but after more than a year, they broke up.

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