WATCH: Aroganteng foreigner, huli sa aktong pagmumura, pang iinsulto at pagdura sa isang tricycle driver

Sadly, even in this age and time colonial mentality still exist in the Philippines and some Filipinos think that we are inferior among foreign nationals especially those who have a lighter skin than our God-given Moreno/morena skin tone.

We possess this kind of shame of being a Filipino that is why even other nations think they are always superior and better than us. In their eyes, we are just brown-skinned slaves who know nothing and live in a third-world country, whether we like it or not, this kind of racism still exists.
A perfect example of this mentality is the recent viral video on social media which shows how a foreigner disrespected a Filipino in his own motherland.

In the 5-second video uploaded by Facebook user Anthony Enriquez, a Filipino tricycle driver and a foreigner who drives a private vehicle could be seen arguing after engaging in a road mishap.
The tricycle driver could be seen raising his point that it was the private vehicle’s fault that’s why his vehicle was hit from the back.
On the other hand, the male foreigner could be heard shouting and threatening the tricycle driver during the commotion.
Although a traffic enforcer tried to meddle in the situation and calm both parties, he also received flak from the foreigner and who keeps insisting his rights.
But what made the netizens raged with anger is when the foreigner turned back on the Pinoy driver cursed him, called him an idiot and suddenly spit on his face.
The Pinoy driver was shocked with the disgusting act yet still remained calm even if a foreign national is disrespecting him right in his motherland.
Watch the video below and be the judge:

Netizens could not help but fume with anger with what the foreigner did, read some of their comments below:

Source: Facebook

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