Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto Unveils the Renovated Maybunga Rainforest Park

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto led the grand opening of the newly refurbished Maybunga Rainforest Park on Friday, showcasing a revitalized space aimed at offering sustainable and eco-friendly recreational options for residents and visitors alike.

The unveiling ceremony marked a significant milestone in the city's efforts to enhance public spaces and promote environmental stewardship. Following extensive renovations, the park now features a range of attractions designed to cater to diverse interests and age groups.


Among the highlights introduced during the launch are the Kiddie Playland, Senior Citizen’s Park, picnic area, flower garden, water park, pet park, maze garden, and the butterfly house. These amenities are envisioned to not only provide leisure activities but also promote health, wellness, adventure, and nature appreciation among park-goers.

In conjunction with the park inauguration, Vice Mayor Dodot Jaworski initiated the Talakayan Sa Barangay series, a community-driven initiative aimed at fostering grassroots engagement and empowerment across Pasig City.

The inaugural session of the Talakayan Sa Barangay series kicked off in Barangay San Miguel, signaling the start of weekly consultations scheduled to take place in all 30 barangays of the city.

This series serves as a platform for Pasig residents to voice their concerns and participate in discussions addressing various issues affecting their daily lives, including health, education, livelihood, security, and governance.

Vice Mayor Jaworski emphasized the importance of community collaboration in addressing local challenges, stating that the series provides an avenue for city officials to actively listen to the needs of the people and work together to implement effective solutions.

He also lauded the transformative initiatives spearheaded by Mayor Vico Sotto since assuming office in 2019, attributing the success of these programs to the visionary leadership and commitment to positive change exhibited by the city administration.

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