Taguig launched Pamaskong Handog distribution to EMBO Barangays

Taguig City, Philippines - In a heartwarming initiative to spread holiday cheer, the City of Taguig commenced its Pamaskong Handog distribution on Wednesday, December 13, starting in Barangay Rizal.

The distribution, led by Mayor Lani Cayetano herself, prioritized senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and pregnant women, who received their Noche Buena packages at the comfort of their doorsteps.

Pamaskong Handog Distribution

Mayor Lani Cayetano took a hands-on approach, personally participating in the house-to-house distribution to ensure that the vulnerable groups in Barangay Rizal felt the warmth of the holiday season. The initiative not only brings joy but also reflects Taguig City's commitment to caring for its residents.

Simultaneously, the City initiated the distribution of claim stubs for the upcoming Pamaskong Handog distributions in all EMBO barangays scheduled in the coming days. This strategic move aims to streamline the distribution process, ensuring efficiency and convenience for all recipients.


Bountiful Christmas Packages

Each Christmas package distributed by Taguig City contains a generous assortment of holiday treats, including 10 kilos of rice, 3 Argentina Meat Loaf, 2 big-sized Argentina Corned Beef, 1 The Original Hotcake Mix, 1 box Eden Cheeze, 1 Kremdensada, 1 Fruit Cocktail, 1 pack of Oreo, and 1 kg Spaghetti Pasta and Sauce.

Residents from Barangay Rizal, EMBO, expressed their gratitude as they received the Pamaskong Handog packages. The initiative not only provides essential goods but also fosters a sense of community and solidarity during the festive season.

The Pamaskong Handog distribution will extend to all EMBO barangays, and the schedule of distributions and venues will be promptly announced on the I Love Taguig Facebook page.

The Pamaskong Handog program is a testament to Taguig City's dedication to ensuring that every TaguigeƱo family experiences the joy of Christmas. As the distributions continue, the city remains committed to making the holiday season brighter for its residents.

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