Australian Cosplayer Is Wowing Instagram Followers With Her Stunning Looks

Cosplay has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. Comic cons all around the world allow geeks not only come together to celebrate their love of their favorite characters but to dress up as them too. However, not all cosplays are created equally.

While some fans have a knack for dressing up as certain fictional characters, there are few people who can seamlessly transform into just about any of them. One of the exceptions to this rule is Australian cosplayer Nicha, who goes by Nichameleon on Instagram.

Nicha's Instagram name is a reference to the fact that she's a chameleon when it comes to dressing up as her favorite characters. Her ability to transform herself into near-perfect replicas of these characters has amassed her over 116k followers the photo-sharing app.
Here are 16 of her most impressive cosplays...

1. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

Is that you Jennifer Lawrence?!

2. Violet Parr from The Incredibles

Nicha used bodypaint to recreate Violet's skin-tight outfit.

3. Mera from DC Comics' Aquaman

She really does look like a queen of the sea.

4. Supergirl from American superhero action-adventure TV series

Nicha doesn't just dress like a superhero, she poses like one too. Female characters often have amazing bodies in comics and on the big screen, and while there's no doubt that Nicha is a creative woman, her ability to seamlessly transform into them is helped by her incredible physique which enables her to rock just about any look.

5. Yoko Littner from the manga and anime series Gurren Lagan

6. Danaerys Targaryen Cosplay from Game of Thrones

She could easily be Emilia Clarke's stunt double.
7. Mystique from X Men

Body painting is an art form in and of itself.

8. Jinx 'The Loose Canon' Cosplay from D.C. comics' League of Legends

Making outfits is impressive, but making weapons is even more so.
Writing about her love of cosplay, Nicha revealed, "I have been cosplaying for a few years now and am just getting into it a bit more seriously. It is my passion; I absolutely love making and creating cosplays, bringing characters I love and admire to life!"

9. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

She's got the beauty to capture any beast's heart.

10. Samus Aran from Metroid, the science-fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo

Cosplay is all about capturing the essence of different characters and knowing what poses best represent them.

11. Jessie from Pokémon's Team Rocket

She knows how catch 'em all.

12. Zubat Pokémon

Nicha created this epic Pokémon cosplay at the height of the Pokémon GO craze in 2016.

To help fund her creations, Nicha has a Patreon account where people can support her cosplays.
"The ultimate dream would be not having to work two jobs to fund my cosplay obsession and do cosplay full time?!" she wrote. "BUT I know that is a HUGE very very unlikely goal so, in the meantime, I am just doing my goddamn best guys!"
13. Harley Quinn who first appeared in the Batman series

A lot of women have tried to dress up as Harley Quinn, but few have done it this well.

14. Nidalee from Legend of Legends

Sometimes cosplayers have to go into the great outdoors to get perfect pictures.

15. Black Widow from Marvel Comics

I think Nicha should consider a career in acting. If she's got any talent in that department, she'd be onto a winner with her cosplay skills.

16. Cammy from Street Fighter

She's beautiful and fierce.
While cosplay might seem like something that only nerds do, and it is to an extent, Nicha's looks are a testament to the fact that it can actually be really sexy. If you'd like to keep up to date with Nicha's cosplays, you can follow her Instagram account here.

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