19-anyos na dalagita, nabiktima ng gang rape matapos makipag-eyeball sa ka-chat sa social media

19-year-old alias Cindy is still in a state of shock facing the media as she narrates her traumatic experience under the hands of several men she met through social media.

According to Cindy, she became friends and chat mate with alias Yeye on social media and the latter invited him to finally meet each other in person.

Cindy agreed but upon getting together in their meeting place, Yeye brought he brought her in the house of his friends to have some drinks.
There she saw a group of men gathered for a drinking session after a few shots Cindy said she felt weak.
“Naririnig ko yung boses nila iba-iba na. Nakatayo silang lahat nag-uumpukan tapos tawa ng tawa,” Cindy narrated.

She added that she was conscious yet felt so weak to move. The drinking session led to sexual harassment by 3 different men.
Cindy said she pleaded them to stop but they continue raping her while the other men just stood to watch.
“Sumisigaw ako kasi nga natatakot na ko,” she added.

The poor victim attempted to use her phone to call her mom but some of the men in the room stopped her.
Five among the suspect was already arrested while 2 others are still at large including alias Yeye who brought her in the said place.
One of the suspects, alias Andro admitted exchanging shots with Cindy but denied that he is one of the ones who raped her.

On the other hand, cousins’ alias Cocoy and Vince said that they just went to the house after hearing a lady scream.
Watch the full report below:

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