Kalaguyong Pari ni misis, nabuking ni mister dahil sa text message

The Catholic Church is once again on the hot seat after a young priest from the 57-year-old Archdiocese of Pampanga failed to say no to what they treat as “worldly consummation” and engage in an unlawful love affair.

Aside from breaking his vow of celibacy, Fr. Jeffrey Maghirang had an affair with a woman who is legally married.
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The infidelity rumor circulated after a married man whose identity was not disclosed files a case at Angeles Prosecutor’s Office against his wife and Father Jeffrey for allegedly committing Adultery and Unjust Vexation.
According to reports, the couple has been happily married since the year 2009 and just recently, the known altar boy in town wrecked their happy family.
To support his claim, the man showed an excerpt Father Jeffrey’s text message to his wife that says: “Sige na babes, sleep na tayo, gagawa pa ko ng homily”.
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The married man’s complaint suggests that Father Jeffrey should be dismissed from Priesthood as he will only ruin the reputation of the Catholic Church and its relationship with its devoted followers.
Meanwhile, according to Fr. Larry Sarmiento of Pampanga Archdiocese’s Conciliation and Arbitration Committee, Archbishop Paciano Aniceto immediately suspended Father Jeffrey upon receiving the complaint.
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He also assured the faith and public that the accused priest will attend necessary court hearings for his case.
This is not the first time that a priest from the Catholic Church was involved in a controversy as other priests were also once accused with homosexuality, habitual gambling, child abuse, and proliferation of church funds. But this is the only case in the Archdiocese that reached the court.
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